June 30, 2014

Why Business Blogging is cooler than James Brown

The internet revolution is upon us and more and more companies are finding tremendous success by business blogging.
Blogging is great, not only for individuals, but for businesses, companies, and services as alike. Some would even say, that as far as your company goes - business blogging is cooler than James Brown!
james_brown_coolNow, James Brown was a pretty cool guy, cooler than most, and still cool to this day. His lyrics, the way he sang, and his songs still ring true today. C'mon, "I feel good", now what could be better than that? Well, the answer is in blogging!
Cool businesses are successful businesses, and successful businesses are found higher up Google search results. A great way to get up those rankings is to blog as it keeps your content flowing, increases your link building and shows your expertise.
In fact, companies who blog on a consistent basis have found their revenues skyrocketing, their business visibility increasing and their customer base growing every single day.
The reason for all this is simple.
With the countless amount of prospective customers who are searching the internet for new things to buy and services to purchase, businesses who successfully blog are using it to "speak" to these prospects on a 1-2-1 basis. Blogging has proven to be a more personal way for businesses, companies, and services to advertise than any other method out there.
Blogging allows business to do their marketing using the internet which ends up saving them heaps on advertising costs when compared to traditional methods as well as tons of time that could be spent on another area of business.
Blogging gives businesses, companies, and services the ability to create content that is able to be tailored perfectly to alert prospective buyers about new deals, promotions, and any other information that the business is trying to convey, at that point.
It actually makes no sense for a business not to blog in their day to day operations. But, like with anything else, it is advisable for businesses to adhere to a few guidelines when writing their articles.
The first thing businesses should do when creating their content is follow certain SEO rules. All blogging content must include keywords that directly relate to the business as a whole, and are regularly searched for on search engines like Google or Bing.
When this is done correctly, prospective customers will be able to locate any business, company, or service with ease, resulting in businesses with very high brand awareness.
To maintain the benefits businesses need to keep going because like everything that is worthwhile, blogging requires commitment. But if they do, a regular blog with clever keyword analysis and careful link building can really up the ante and help companies stand out from the competition on the internet, on search engines and therefore in their industry.
And that's pretty cool to us!

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