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Marketing has never been more accessible or more complicated than now.

Back in the day, you would do 2 or 3 campaigns a year.

Today, marketing is continuous, and the options are endless.

Content Creation, Calls to Action, Email Marketing, Landing Pages, Podcasts, PPC, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Proximity Marketing, Location Based Marketing, Webinars, Warming Cycles, Split Testing, CRO, CRM, Lead Scoring, Sales Funnels – the list goes on.

And when you are up and running – the networks will change their systems.

The big guns did this 400+ times last year, by the way.

So, how can we help?

Our programmes do the marketing for you in the three critical areas of attracting, converting and retaining customers.

They include software & services, so there's no headache managing multiple providers.

No more being passed from pillar to post.

You can skip lengthy marketing training or having to do the job yourself.

And focus on running your business.


GrowthEngine™ has all the features the tools you need to succeed, so you can, attract, convert and retain more new enquiries.
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TrafficTasks™ is our entry level programme, and the one you need if you just want to upgrade your new customer enquiry and conversion processes.

We've got the systems to attract & convert people interested in what you do, without the headache of trying to do it yourself or risking your client data with freelancers.
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GrowthPartners™ is our full programme, and the one you need if you want to upgrade your new customer acquisition, retention and service delivery.

We manage the attraction & conversion of new customers, plus retention and growth of existing ones - so you keep more clients for longer and they repeat purchase.
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LeadPartners is our performance marketing program for Class Action Law. Powered by the latest in AI, it addresses your firm’s unique challenges in attracting and managing claimants efficiently, at scale.

Our expertly crafted solution streamlines your claimant acquisition and engagement
processes, ensuring high-quality leads without the complexities of in-house management or the risks associated with external services.
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Who We Help

  • I have worked with James and his fantastic team for several years now. I have no hesitation in recommending his services
    Dr. Alex Redhead
    Redhead Orthodontics
  • Marketing companies contact us on a daily basis. But James & his team are very knowledgeable and always on hand, focused on achieving the results we need.
    Montana Hassan
  • We would recommend Mediatasks to any company looking to scale, optimise and accurately report on opportunities.
    Nalin Parbhu
    Infuse Consulting
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