July 7, 2013

It's time to Get Social!

In case you are still wondering whether or not Social Media Marketing is right for your business, the verdict is in. Using the likes of Facebook, Twitter or Google+ as part of a programme promoting your organisation is a fantastic way of increasing repeat business and attract new customers.
And, whether you are just getting started, consider yourself an expert or have been sitting on the sidelines — we can help.

According to Constant Contact’s 2011 Small Business Attitudes & Outlook Survey, 73% of small businesses & organisations have started using social media marketing and 62% of those not using it expect to start marketing through social media within the next 12 months.


Here are the basics

Social Media has changed the way people behave online. It is the technology that connects people on the internet whether they are sharing content or just chatting. Social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ are the places where these things happen.
Social Media Marketing is the way to use that technology in order to increase brand awareness, build relationships, drive repeat business and attract new customers through - hopefully - friends sharing with friends.
If this sounds familiar, it's because it is. Social Media Marketing is essentially an updated version of word-of-mouth. The power of pass it on.

75% of people are somewhat or highly likely to share content they like online with friends, co-workers or family. 49% do this at least weekly. Source: Chadwick Martin Bailey Consumer Pulse 2010 (n= 1504)


Making the most of Social Media

Like any other Business Activity, you need to set clear measurable goals and understand what you want to achieve from your efforts. Here are some top tips to help you get the most benefit from Social Media on your business:
Spread the Word.
Show customers and prospects who you are and what you can do for them. It’s great for brand awareness!
Drive Sales.
Give customers offers that are so good they’ll share them with their friends. Your promotions can go viral!
Provide Great Customer Service.
Listen and respond to what your customers are saying about you and to you. It’s a wonderful feedback loop!
Keep Your Customers Coming Back.
Build deeper relationships so customers will get to know, like, and trust you more.
Because social media is all about discovering and sharing, every interaction you have has the potential to reach many new people ultimately helping to spread your message and attract potential customers.

One more thing to bear in mind

Social Media & Email Marketing go great together. And although email marketing is still creating more sales than social media there’s no need to start deleting Facebook Pages. It is important to appreciate that all of these channels compliment each other and get the best results when they are part of a wider programme.
Social networks are relaxed places that can be great at helping you build brand awareness with fewer constraints than email. But, email has the advantage of being able to reach a single identifiable person. Crucially, you can use analytics to track email recipients behaviour, see what that person clicks and/or opens, so you can tailor your follow up to suit individual need.
So get social, but don't forget about the other forms of inbound marketing too!
Enjoy July, see you next month!

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