June 16, 2014

What if Jack Bauer did your email marketing?

Is your email marketing activity struggling to gain traction?

As the latest series of 24 is back on the air, we thought it'd be fun to ask WWJD - what would Jack do?

Jack is THE modern day anti-hero who within just 24 hours, manages to save the world. By hook or by crook, he definitely gets the job done.

Now it is a bit of an unusual idea but if your email marketing activity is struggling, imagine for a moment Jack was in charge of your email marketing.

Not seeing it? As I said - an unusual idea.

But on a serious note, what could we learn from Jack, if he was in charge of your email campaigns? Read on...

1. Jack would adapt each campaign to its environment

Jack has been in New York, L.A and now London. Completely different places and yet he manages to survive getting shot at, blown up and still remain Jack Bauer. Learn from this, what works for your weekend advertising campaigns is not necessarily going to work for a holiday campaign. Keep in mind that seasons will change, holidays will pass and soon it will be Monday again. Learn from Jack, ADAPT your strategy, maybe change your appearance or vehicle but do not CHANGE who you are.

2. Jack wouldn't fix it, if it wasn't broken.

Torture, while not suggestible, works for Jack – it’s featured in every season. Similarly when a particular campaign consistently attracts customers then continue it. While it is important to expand your ‘repertoire’ so to speak, you should not forget what made you successful in the first place. New campaigns should ADD to the success of an existing one – not replace it altogether.

3. Jack would be creative

Instead of just calling the president to warn him of an attack, Jack goes through a complicated process of getting caught to break out another prisoner whom he intends to use as bait for the bad guys. When you have a specific goal in mind but the ‘proper’ way of achieving it is unlikely to work, you need to be willing to think outside the box. If your brain says ‘NEVER GONNA WORK’ then you could just be thinking right.

4. Jack would make friends.

Every season Jack has old allies like Chloe O'Brien and a few new ones, although they tend to end up dead by the end of the season - which is unfortunate. If you get an email from someone promoting a complementary product to yours, why not make mention of it in your next campaign or even join forces?. And remember the partnership may work again in the future so keep in touch once the campaign is over. (If it goes wrong though please don’t kill them - that would be bad!)

5. Jack knows it is not all sunshine.

With every campaign there are going to be chores you don't want to do. The boring, repetitive, ‘but I don’t want to’ parts that tend to get pushed to the bottom of the list because they make your head ache and your fingers numb. A battle is half won that is well planned. And planning unfortunately includes fine print or in his case, getting captured by Chinese Intelligence.

6. Jack keeps on going.

There are going to be campaigns that fall flat, even ones that knock you back a few steps. But one of the biggest parts of marketing is taking risks, trying something new or rethinking something old. Don’t let these setbacks discourage you. My advice? When you get knocked down, don’t stay down. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, channel Jack Bauer and KEEP ON GOING!

Naturally, here at Mediatasks we are ace at Email Marketing Campaigns and easily on a par with Jack. So, if you would like to explore the benefits and have a chat - fill out the contact form or give the office a call on 020 3303 0005. There is no obligation and we absolutely guarantee no blacked out SUV's will start following you, if you do.

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