May 19, 2023

Decoding Dental Software: A Comprehensive Comparison of GrowthEngine and Dengro.

As the owner of a private dental practice or a dental group, you understand the importance of running a well-oiled machine.

Your days are filled with clinical responsibilities, administrative tasks, and, most importantly, patient care. But how do you ensure your patient pipeline remains robust? Enter the world of lead generation and management software, a pivotal component in maintaining and growing your patient base.

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Two notable contenders in this field are Dengro and GrowthEngine, both offering tools to help your practice attract and retain patients. While Dengro has long been a trusted name in the dental industry, GrowthEngine, traditionally a broader marketing platform, has recently stepped up its game to cater specifically to dental practices.

This guide delves into five critical questions you should ask when comparing these two platforms. We'll consider whether the software caters specifically to the dental industry, how the lead management system operates, what kind of automation and integration capabilities are offered, the support and training available, and the pricing structure.

Our objective analysis will allow you to make an informed decision that fits the unique needs of your dental practice. So buckle up for an enlightening journey through dental software solutions.

Private dental practice owners must ask the right questions when deciding between software systems like GrowthEngine and Dengro. Here are the top 5 questions they should be asking, with handy links if you need to jump to a section:

  1. Does the software cater specifically to the dental industry? While GrowthEngine and Dengro offer lead generation and management, Dengro is designed only for dental practices. Therefore, it's crucial to understand how this focus impacts the functionality and applicability of each software in a dental setting. 
  2. How does the lead management system work? Lead management is critical for growing a dental practice. A suitable system should identify and track leads and nurture them effectively into becoming loyal patients. It's important to ask how each software manages this process and whether it aligns with the practice's specific needs.
  3. What kind of automation and integration capabilities does the software provide? Automating routine tasks and integrating various business processes can significantly improve efficiency. Dental practice owners should ask about the types and levels of automation and integration each software provides. Can they integrate with the practice's existing systems, such as appointment scheduling, reminders, or patient databases?
  4. What kind of support and training is offered? Any software adoption comes with a learning curve. Dental practice owners should find out what kind of training and support each company provides to ensure a smooth transition. Do they offer ongoing support to resolve any issues that arise post-adoption?
  5. What is the pricing structure? Understanding the cost is a crucial factor in any business decision. It's essential to ask about the pricing structure for each software. Is it a flat rate, or depend on the number of users or leads? Are there any hidden costs or additional fees for premium features or services? Does the cost justify the benefits and features provided by each system?

These questions should comprehensively explain each system's capabilities and how they align with the dental practice's needs and goals. They will ultimately enable dental practice owners to make informed decisions that could significantly impact their practice's growth and success.

Let's dive in.

1. Does the software cater specifically to the dental industry?

Navigating the landscape of software solutions for dental practices can be challenging, especially when key considerations such as industry specificity come into play. As a private dental practice owner or a dental group, you need a solution that speaks to your unique needs. This is precisely why the question arises: “Does the software cater specifically to the dental industry?”

In the case of GrowthEngine and Dengro, both platforms have made their mark within the dental industry, but how they cater to their needs varies significantly.

Let's begin with Dengro. Established as dental-specific software, Dengro has worked meticulously to position itself as a tool designed explicitly for dental professionals. Their platform provides lead management, referral tracking, and patient nurturing tools, all through a lens tailored to the dental industry's requirements. In addition, the software was designed with an intimate understanding of the dental sector, making it easy to navigate for professionals who aren't necessarily tech-savvy.

GrowthEngine, on the other hand, entered the dental industry later but has proven to be a formidable contender. It initially gained recognition as a comprehensive digital marketing and business automation platform serving various industries. The key is that GrowthEngine's versatility has been its most significant advantage.

Over time, GrowthEngine recognised the need to cater to industry-specific requirements and, thus, extended its services to the dental industry. What sets GrowthEngine apart is its capacity to amalgamate the unique needs of dental practices with the power of robust digital marketing strategies.

GrowthEngine's dynamic software combines marketing automation, CRM functionality, sales pipelines, and appointment scheduling into a unified platform. It serves the dental industry by simplifying lead generation and management while incorporating key dental practice features. For instance, GrowthEngine's features, like automated follow-ups, can help reduce no-show rates for appointments — a common problem in dental practices.

In addition to most dental software's 'standard' services, GrowthEngine provides advanced marketing automation capabilities that go above and beyond. For example, GrowthEngine's powerful automation allows the creation of sophisticated customer journeys from lead acquisition to nurturing and conversion. You can send personalised messages based on triggers or actions taken by leads, enabling patient interaction and relationship building that can significantly enhance patient retention.

One of the most striking advantages of GrowthEngine is its flexibility. As a platform initially designed to serve various industries, GrowthEngine possesses an adaptability factor that Dengro might not fully offer. As a result, GrowthEngine is continuously evolving and adapting its services to meet the ever-changing needs of industries, including dental practices. This commitment to growth and adaptation can future-proof your practice as new technologies and strategies emerge.

While Dengro remains a strong contender with its dental-specific design, GrowthEngine brings a more rounded approach. Its strong foundations in digital marketing, coupled with its recent focus on the dental industry, make it a compelling choice. In addition, GrowthEngine's potent blend of business automation and marketing solutions, coupled with its flexibility and adaptability, puts it a step ahead, making it an invaluable tool for dental practices seeking to bolster their lead generation and management processes.

Therefore, while both GrowthEngine and Dengro cater to the dental industry, the extent and depth to which they do differ. GrowthEngine's combination of industry-specific features, advanced marketing capabilities, and inherent flexibility provides a distinct advantage, helping it to stand out as a solution designed to elevate your dental practice.

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2. How does the lead management system work?

The power of a successful dental practice lies not just in providing excellent care but also in having an effective lead management system. Being able to attract, track, and convert potential patients into loyal clients separates thriving practices from the rest. With that said, let's delve into how the lead management systems of GrowthEngine and Dengro work and highlight the benefits they can bring to your dental practice.

Dengro, being a dental-specific software, provides a system designed for practices to manage and monitor patient referrals effectively. Its central promise revolves around improving the referral process by keeping track of potential leads, ensuring that no likely patient falls through the cracks. This tracking process includes following up with leads, measuring the effectiveness of different referral sources, and managing the communication process to ensure charges are nurtured into becoming patients.

GrowthEngine, however, takes a more comprehensive and advanced approach to lead management. With its origins in the broader digital marketing sphere, GrowthEngine utilises more sophisticated techniques beyond simple tracking and managing. 

To start with, GrowthEngine is a hub for all your patient interactions. It enables practices to track all communication points with a lead – from phone calls and emails to website visits and social media engagements. This capability gives dental procedures a well-rounded view of their leads and a better understanding of what attracts potential patients and influences their decision to book an appointment.

GrowthEngine also excels in lead segmentation and personalisation. The software allows practices to segment their leads based on various factors, such as the source of the lead, the treatment they are interested in, or their interaction with your practice. This segmentation facilitates targeted and personalised communication, which is proven to increase engagement rates and conversion likelihood.

Moreover, GrowthEngine's automation features come into their own regarding lead nurturing to help your dental team. The platform can automatically send personalised messages to enquiries, maintaining consistent communication and engagement. These messages can be triggered by specific actions from the lead, such as visiting a particular page on your website, thus making the communication relevant and timely. 

An outstanding feature of GrowthEngine's lead management system is its robust reporting and analytics capabilities. These provide invaluable insights into the lead generation and conversion process, allowing dental practices to identify what's working and needs improvement. Through these insights, practices can optimise their marketing strategies, increase conversion rates, and ultimately grow their patient base.

Moreover, GrowthEngine's lead management system is highly integrative. It can seamlessly connect with other software used in your dental practice. This means that once a lead books an appointment, the information is automatically updated in the system, saving time and reducing administrative burden.

While Dengro is a solid lead management tool, particularly around the referral process, GrowthEngine's more sophisticated and comprehensive approach puts it above the rest. GrowthEngine's focus on advanced marketing techniques, personalisation, automation, and seamless integration makes it a compelling choice for dental practices seeking to enhance their lead management processes.

Lead management is more than just tracking potential patients; it's about engaging and nurturing these individuals in a manner that resonates with them. GrowthEngine understands this, providing dental practices with a lead management system that manages and tracks leads effectively and actively assists in transforming these leads into loyal patients. Its comprehensive, dynamic, and advanced approach to lead management is invaluable in pursuing dental practice growth and success.

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3. What kind of automation and integration capabilities does the software provide?

Digital marketing and software solutions are progressively moving towards automation and integration – and for a good reason. These two aspects can significantly streamline operations, reduce manual work, and improve overall efficiency, which is essential for busy dental practices. With this in mind, let's closely examine the automation and integration capabilities offered by Dengro and GrowthEngine.

First, Dengro offers various automation capabilities designed for the dental industry. For example, with Dengro, practices can automate patient referrals, making the process more efficient and less time-consuming. In addition, the software allows for automatic tracking of referrals, follow-ups, and reminder systems, helping ensure that no potential patient is overlooked.

Regarding integration, Dengro offers a seamless connection with dental practice management systems. This integration streamlines data entry processes and ensures patient information is consistently updated across all systems. This connectivity is essential for providing an excellent patient experience, as it allows for a single, unified view of each patient.

However, as we turn our attention to GrowthEngine, we see a platform that further extends the possibilities of automation and integration. GrowthEngine has its roots in digital marketing, a field where automation is increasingly crucial for scalability and effectiveness. As a result, GrowthEngine's approach to automation is comprehensive and sophisticated.

In terms of automation, GrowthEngine goes beyond basic processes. The platform offers automation across many marketing and communication aspects, including email marketing, SMS marketing, social media, and customer journey mapping. This capability can significantly lighten the load on dental teams, allowing staff to focus more on providing excellent patient care and less on manual marketing tasks.

GrowthEngine's marketing automation software also extends to lead management. For instance, the software can automatically respond to leads based on their actions, ensuring timely engagement with each enquiry. It can also automatically schedule follow-ups, reducing the chance of losing a potential patient due to missed communication.

GrowthEngine also excels in its integration capabilities. The software can integrate with many other tools, including dental practice management systems, social media platforms, CRM systems, and popular marketing and sales tools. This versatility ensures that regardless of the tools a dental practice already uses, GrowthEngine can fit seamlessly into the existing ecosystem. 

What sets GrowthEngine apart is its robust API that enables the software to connect with almost any other system. This feature is crucial as it allows for a high level of customisation and ensures that all systems within a dental practice can communicate effectively.

Moreover, GrowthEngine's integration capabilities are bidirectional, meaning data can flow between connected systems. This feature is vital in maintaining accurate, up-to-date patient records and ensuring a unified patient experience.

While Dengro offers reliable automation and integration capabilities, GrowthEngine goes further with its comprehensive and sophisticated features. The extent of GrowthEngine's automation and integration capabilities can significantly streamline operations for dental practices, saving valuable time and resources.

Both Dengro and GrowthEngine offer automation and integration capabilities designed to simplify and streamline processes for dental practices. However, the scope and sophistication of GrowthEngine's offerings and flexibility and versatility place it ahead in this arena. Its ability to automate a broader range of tasks and integrate with virtually any other system can provide dental practices with a seamless, efficient, and highly effective solution.

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4. What kind of support and training is offered?

User support and training are pivotal in today's software solutions and digital platforms. These elements can make or break a user's experience with a software solution and, ultimately, impact their decision to continue using it. In the context of dental practices, where owners may need a deeper understanding of software development or marketing, these factors become even more critical. So, let's explore the support and training offered by Dengro and GrowthEngine.

Dengro, specialising in the dental sector, recognises the need for tailored support and comprehensive training. The company provides a range of support options, including email and phone support, to answer users' queries. Furthermore, Dengro offers training sessions to help practices understand and use the software to its fullest potential.

GrowthEngine, too, understands the importance of user support and training. Even though it caters to various industries, including the dental sector, GrowthEngine ensures its users are not left in the lurch. To help users familiarise themselves with the platform, GrowthEngine offers a range of training options, such as online tutorials and webinars. These are particularly useful for busy professionals who need to learn independently.

One aspect distinguishing GrowthEngine is its dedication to providing marketing agency services as part of its support system. Recognising that many of its users may need more in-depth marketing knowledge, GrowthEngine offers access to agency services. This additional layer of support enables users to navigate the software effectively and devise and execute powerful marketing strategies.

The agency services provided by the Mediatasks team behind GrowthEngine include strategic planning, campaign setup, and execution, as well as ongoing management and optimisation. This means that dental practices can leverage the expertise of seasoned marketing professionals to enhance their lead generation and patient engagement efforts.

Moreover, GrowthEngine offers one-on-one strategy calls and personalised support. This service ensures dental practices receive bespoke advice and support tailored to their unique needs and goals. The importance of this individualised support cannot be overstated, especially for practices with unique operational structures or patient demographics.

GrowthEngine's commitment to user support extends to its dedication to continual software improvement. Mediatasks is highly receptive to user feedback and frequently updates and improves its platform based on this feedback. This responsive approach to user support shows GrowthEngine's dedication to its users and commitment to providing a platform that meets their needs.

Compared to Dengro, GrowthEngine's commitment to offering agency services as part of its support structure sets it apart. While Dengro provides robust support and training, GrowthEngine's added layer of marketing agency services ensures that users can receive technical support and strategic marketing guidance. This additional support can be invaluable for dental practices that want to maximise the effectiveness of their lead management efforts.

While both Dengro and GrowthEngine provide reliable support and comprehensive training, GrowthEngine's addition of agency services offers a unique advantage. As a result, dental practices using GrowthEngine can benefit from the best of both worlds: a sophisticated software platform combined with expert marketing guidance. This comprehensive approach to support ensures that dental practices can use GrowthEngine to its fullest potential and significantly enhance their lead generation and patient engagement efforts.

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5. What is the pricing structure?

Understanding the pricing structure of a software solution is a crucial aspect of the decision-making process for any dental practice. Pricing influences not only the immediate affordability of the platform but also its long-term viability and return on investment. Let's examine the pricing structures of Dengro and GrowthEngine to clarify what each offers regarding value for money.

Dengro, being a dental-specific software solution, offers a tiered pricing structure. As a result, the various packages cater to practices of different sizes and with varying needs. This structure allows practices to choose a package that fits their budget and requirements. In addition, each tier offers increased features and capabilities, which can be beneficial for practices looking to expand their lead-generation efforts as they grow.

GrowthEngine, however, presents a different approach to pricing. Its structure is primarily based on the number of locations or users a practice has, providing flexibility for smaller private dental practices and larger dental groups. In addition, GrowthEngine offers all its features and capabilities under only two packages, ensuring that all users, irrespective of their size or specific requirements, can access the full range of tools and functions.

The real differentiator in GrowthEngine's pricing structure comes from its additional marketing agency services. While there is an extra cost associated with these services, they offer significant value, especially for dental practices that may need more in-house expertise, marketing campaigns or resources to utilise the software's potential fully. 

The additional cost provides access to a team of marketing professionals who can assist with strategic planning, campaign setup and execution, and ongoing management and optimisation. This support can significantly enhance a dental practice's lead generation and management efforts, making the extra investment worthwhile.

A unique feature of GrowthEngine's pricing structure is its TrafficTasks programme. Under this programme, the cost of the GrowthEngine platform is included for free when you sign up for their lead generation and management services. This offering is highly advantageous for practices looking to outsource their lead management efforts while benefiting from GrowthEngine's platform's sophisticated capabilities. 

In comparison, Dengro's tiered structure may limit some smaller practices regarding the features and capabilities they can access. Furthermore, it does not offer additional marketing services or includes the software cost under a service package, as GrowthEngine does.

GrowthEngine's pricing structure offers considerable flexibility and added value for dental practices. While the upfront cost may be comparable to Dengro's, the added marketing agency services and the option to have the platform included for free under the TrafficTasks programme provide a value that is hard to match. 

Dengro and GrowthEngine offer viable pricing structures catering to different needs and budgets. However, GrowthEngine's approach to pricing provides added value through its marketing agency services and TrafficTasks programme, setting it apart in terms of overall value for money. This added value makes GrowthEngine a compelling choice for dental practices looking to maximise their lead generation and management efforts while gaining access to expert marketing support.

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Summing up

In the digital era, software solutions like Dengro and GrowthEngine have revolutionised how dental practices attract and manage leads. Both systems cater to the dental industry, providing dedicated tools to streamline processes and boost patient engagement. Dengro, with its specialised dental features, offers a solid option. However, GrowthEngine, despite its broader focus, now also caters to the dental industry, offering a comprehensive range of features and functionalities.

GrowthEngine's lead management system shines with automation capabilities that extend beyond basic processes, ensuring timely engagement and reducing the risk of missed communications. The software also boasts robust integration capabilities, enabling dental practices to create a seamless, efficient, highly effective workflow.

Crucially, GrowthEngine excels in support and training, offering a comprehensive suite of marketing agency services. This added support layer could guide dental practices in strategic marketing, ensuring they fully utilise the platform's capabilities. 

Lastly, GrowthEngine's flexible pricing structure and the inclusion of marketing agency services provide significant value. Especially noteworthy is the TrafficTasks programme, where the software cost is included with the lead generation and management services.

In conclusion, while both Dengro and GrowthEngine offer valuable tools for dental practices, GrowthEngine stands out with its comprehensive features, robust support system and flexible pricing structure, making it an excellent choice for practices looking to leverage the power of digital marketing and lead management.

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